RoeRacing is a boutique skateboard deck manufacturing company that builds high quality, handcrafted skateboards in limited quantities,  We lovingly build in a year, what other "mainstream" companies build in a day!  RoeRacing was started in the fall of 2001 when Gareth received a few requests to build slalom skateboards. The sport of slalom skateboard racing had seemingly died out about a decade earlier, and no one at that time was making slalom-specific equipment.

When legendary racer Jack Smith hosted a small get-together for slalom skaters in Morro Bay, California, there was no new quality equipment to be found anywhere. Taking matters in to his own hands, Gareth built a board based on some old notes and a design that was over 30 years old.

With necessity being the mother of invention, and with some help from several guys that Gareth met at Jack's little slalom event - Henry Hester, Terence Kirby, and John Gilmour - Gareth further refined the technique and came up with the first batch of high performance slalom boards available to the general public in over a decade.  

Over the last 14 years and with a ton of input from Michael Dong, Steven King, John Ravitch, Gary Fluitt and very dedicated and talented racing team, the initial recipe has been improved upon significantly.

Using the highest quality materials available and literally thousands of hours of testing, RoeRacing has steadily evolved into what it is today. Heading full steam ahead into our 13th full year of building high performance skateboards, we continue to innovate and set a standard for all the other companies to follow. Built in small quantities by hand, our boards are sought after around the world.

Since practically our inception, we have been asked over and over again to build a line of longboards to compliment our racing boards. And while our focus has been predominantly in the slalom racing arena, in the latter part of 2006 we finally agreed and began offering the PS3.8 and the PS-LDP (Performance Series - Long Distance Pumper). Long distance skateboarder and 24-hour distance world record holder James Peters was instrumental in helping design and pioneer one of the very first Long Distance Pumping (LDP) specific skateboard decks - the Mermaid!

With the help of Dave Price in 2013, we have again expanded our line of skateboard offerings.  This time catering to the expanding downhill racing and freeride population with the release of several new shapes, the Katabatic and the FreeRide. Both decks have incredible construction and design details that go beyond the typical "plywood" construction that has become the industry norm.

While production pressures and worldwide demand for our products continues to mount, we will always focus on quality, and never lose site of our roots.


Gareth Roe - Owner